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Parkside Pet Services are dedicated to getting you and your puppy off to the best start. With a range of training options available there is something to meet you and your dogs needs. 

Our Puppy Training Classes have a friendly and approachable atmosphere. These lead nicely on to our training and socialising walks where we develop these skills further and put them into practice.

One to One Puppy Training

Puppy training tailored to you and your family.

Whether it's in your home or out in the park. Let us help you and your puppy.

  • Sessions tailored to meet the level you are at.

  • Troubleshooting common problems.

  • Learning and developing training.

puppy training and walks.jpg

Training Walks

Your dog can join us on a training walk where they learn good social skills and build on existing training. Reinforcing positive social interactions whilst out in a group situation.

  • Positive reward based training.

  • Guided walks focusing on life skills and social interactions.


Puppy Training & Socialising Class

Our Training and socialising classes offer are a great way to learn your dogs body language and introduce them to the world. We cover the basic training cues but the main focus is helping you raise a well balance social dog.

Training and socialising walk..JPG

Graduate Classes

After initial puppy training and socialisation you may find you and your dog need a refresher. Many of our clients go on to graduate level classes where we explore more and work on those problem areas. 

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We have our very own grain free range of dog food available. Along with a specially selected variety of treats, training aids and enrichment feeders.

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