Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Which areas do your services cover?

A: Our main base is Weybridge and the surrounding areas

including Shepperton, Sunbury, Addlestone

and Chertsey. If you do not see your area here please

contact us to see if we can help.

Q. Do you deliver your food?

A. We deliver our food across the mainland UK via DPD

free of charge. If you live outside of the mainland then

contact us to and we will see what we can do.

Q:What type of walk will my dog get on a group walk?

A:Our group walks are carried out in a variety of areas

including local parks, commons, heathland and woodland,

all of which are dog friendly and safe.

Q:Do you walk bitches in heat?

A:We are unable to group walk bitches in heat.

We are able to offer a 20 minute leg stretch service where

your dog is street walked on lead in your neighbourhood.

This allows your dog to relieve itself and breaks up it’s day

without putting her or other dogs at risk.  We also offer a

house visit where she remains in her home and we take the time to play with her, let her out into the

garden and give affection.

Q:Are you able to stay in our home to care for our animals whilst

we are away?

A:Unfortunately we are unable to stay in your home, but we do offer a range of services including dog boarding in our homes or home visits to ensure your pets receive the best care whilst you

are away.

Q: Are you insured to walk dogs professionally?
A: Yes. Parkside Pet Services are fully insured for all the services we provide. The policy is with a specialist in Animal Trade Insurance Company and includes public liability, dog walking, day care and boarding, loss of keys and custody and control of your pet.

Q: What qualifications do you have?
A: Our qualifications include HND Animal Management, Puppy Class Instructor, Canine First Aid Training, Canine Nutrition Diploma and Behaviour and Training courses completed all with accredited bodies. We constantly strive to take our training further and keep up to date with the ever changing industry. 

Q: I have a puppy, will you accept puppies for day care?
A: Yes. Parkside Pet Services welcomes new puppies, we restrict the number of puppies we have at any one time in order to give our full attention to the individuals. We like puppies to socialise from a young age and encourage them to follow the older dogs lead. Please contact us for further details on puppy day care as they will be assessed on an individual basis.

Q: Who will be walking my dog?
A: Before your dog joins our walks a member of Parkside Pet Services will arrange an initial meeting before offering any service (unless circumstances dictate otherwise). The team member you meet will be your dogs regular walker. This gives you, your dog and us the chance to get to know each other, ask any questions you might have and find out how things work as well as go through the necessary details including veterinary information and creating a care sheet.

Q: Can you pick up and drop off my dog from my house?
A: Parkside Pet Services offer a pet taxi service for boarding and day care, when available we can organise collection and drop off of your dog. Please enquire for costs. Our dog walking customers usually give us a set of keys to their house to enable us to enter and pick up/drop off their dog when they are not at home, this is part of the dog walking service.

Q: How long will my dog be out of the house?
A: Dogs receive an hours walk off lead (where permission is given), in extreme conditions the walk may be reduced and the time varied for health and safety reasons e.g. to avoid heat stroke. As we like to walk in a variety of areas the commute time varies, dogs will usually be out of with us for just over 1 to 3 hours.

Q: My dog doesn’t travel well in cars, how will he cope with traveling?
A: Our vehicles are fitted with crates and have a secure open area for them if they do not like being confined. We rarely find that the dogs have any issues with the van or crates, however if they do we give them the time they need to feel comfortable in the vehicle. We encourage all our dogs to be calm before they get into the car/van which in turn makes the other dogs feel comfortable getting in. After a few times they begin to link our vehicles with calm journeys and the reward of a walk and play at the end, giving them a positive association with traveling.

Q: Do you offer your services on the weekends and bank holidays?
A: Yes Parkside Pet Services offers where possible all our services including boarding and day care throughout the entire year. Bank holidays are charged at time and a half with the Christmas and New Year bank holiday charged at double time. Please get in touch to find out more.

Q: What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?
A: Parkside Pet services will take your dog on for an initial trial period allowing us to establish how your dog fits in with our other dogs. We try to match your dog up with others of a similar temperament and who enjoy similar activities. If there are any concerns we will discuss these with you.

Q: Do you only accept well-trained dogs on walks?
A: Since we set up Parkside Pet Services we have had all sorts of dogs with all different levels of training. This is part of the reason we set up Parkside Puppy Training to encourage basic manners and training from a young age. We find most dogs benefit from socialising with other dogs regularly and having a structure to their walks. There may be times when we are unable to accept a dog due to it’s temperament however all dogs are judged on an individual basis and how we feel they will get on with our existing customers dogs.

Q: What happens in an emergency?
A: First we will assess the situation and call you to discuss. If we can’t get hold of you and medical attention is required, we will take your dog to your nominated veterinary practice or, depending on the circumstance, the nearest veterinary practice.