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Co-founder of Parkside Pet Services.


I am a mum of two and have an Australian Labradoodle called Mando, he is still a puppy so after my 15 year old collie cross springer called Bounsir passed away I am back to basics with puppy training. Bounsir was my right hand 'man' and had been with me since he was 1. Mando now has big shoes to fill!

I have always loved and cared for animals. A large part of my childhood was spent growing up abroad, this is where my first experiences in animal care really began, looking after and interacting with stray and abandoned animals.

I love helping people build better connections with their dog. Everything from helping them prepare to welcome a puppy into their home to offering ongoing care, training, nutritional advice and support. 

Founding Parkside Pet Services allowed me to care for dogs and gain many years of hands on experience whilst constantly furthering my knowledge and understanding. Now I am a mother I can see and appreciate dogs and the importance of family dynamics from a different perspective. Being able to help others meet their dog's needs mentally and physically brings me so much joy.

Most recently I have studied and successfully completed:

- Canine Communication Diploma

- Dogs and children certificate

- Canine Nutrition Diploma

- Canine Training and Behaviour

- Canine First Aid

- HND Animal Management

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