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Parkside Puppy Training pride ourselves on building positive connections between people and their dogs. We have been helping families in Surrey since 2007 and are dedicated to helping you and your puppy get he best start. We have a range of classes to meet your needs including one to one training sessions, group beginner classes, graduate training classes along with our ever popular training and socialising walks.


Our aim is to help you teach your puppy in a friendly a positive way. Our classes are kept small to ensure you get the most out of your sessions with us and to make sure puppies are not overwhelmed.

Given the current situation we will be adhering to the latest Covid-19 restrictions. 

Classes are held both inside and outside in Weybridge and the surrounding area

Beginner Puppy Training.jpg

Beginner Puppy Training                                        £150 - 5 Sessions

Our Beginner Puppy Training Classes are for puppies under 20 weeks (all puppies are under 20 weeks on the start date of class).

Puppies are incredibly quick learners so our classes are designed to be friendly, fun, relaxed and enjoyable for both you and your puppy. This gives them the opportunity to build confidence and social skills in a controlled environment whilst also learning basic training.

This course includes puppy socialisation and play time as well essential training cues and toilet training advice.

Training a Puppy with Snack

Graduate Puppy Training Classes                         £120 - 4 Sessions

Our Graduate Puppy Training Class are for puppies and young dogs that have had some previous training but want to learn more.

This course will be based around you and your puppies needs, moving on from the basic cues to cover more advanced training. Most puppies that attend the class are coming in to the adolescent stage and are beginning to push the boundaries, so this is an important time to focus their energy and work on training.

This course will include further progression on current cues as well as teaching new cues.

Classes are kept small so please book early to guarantee your puppy's place.

Training and Socialising Walks.jpg
Socialising & Training Walks.jpg

Training and Socialising Walks                                        £28 per class

It is essential that puppies know how to behave and interact with their natural environment as well as people, objects and other animals they may come across. Our Training and Socialising walks are based around you and your puppies needs, starting with the basic commands and moving on to more advanced training.

Parkside Puppy Training aims to teach your puppy 'good manners' and 'park etiquette', this is why we run our training and socialising walks outside.

Our walks are designed to help you and your puppy progress to the best of your ability. As the walks are held in the park this gives you and your puppy the perfect opportunity to practice and perfect his/her skills in the real world. We will both be on hand to guide you and give advice with any issues you may be having.

Each session will last approximately 45 minutes.

Please note;


  • When attending any of our classes please bring your puppy with a flat collar and lead, as chain or flexi leads can be uncomfortable to work with. 

  • Puppies must be accompanied by an adult (over 18), children are welcome and are often great at training with the puppies, but we do ask that they do not distract the other puppies or run around.

  • Harsh handling and choke chains are not allowed to be used in class, this is in accordance with APDT guidelines.

  • Please do not feed your puppy close to bringing them to class and bring some tasty treats such as small pieces of sausage, dried liver or chicken, which can be used as training rewards.


Classes are kept small and numbers are very limited so booking early is essential in order to guarantee your puppy's place.


Classes are run by Alex and Pippa. Beginner and graduate classes are held at Weybridge Community Centre. Training and socialising classes are held outside.


For One to One puppy training please email

Training & Socialising Walks
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