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Parkside Pet Services was founded in 2007 by Alex and Pippa, two friends who met whilst studying Animal Management. During their studies they gained essential skills and knowledge about caring for a variety of species and found their passion for everything dog. 

Over the past 14 years in the industry, they realise now more than ever, the need and importance for reliable and trustworthy dog care and training professionals. Our aim is to help people build positive and long lasting connections with their dogs.

To date, Parkside Pet Services has a wealth of experience supporting dog owners and understanding the importance of a good diet and how it has a knock on effect on not only a dogs health, but it's behaviour too. So much so that they created Parkside Pet Food a fantastic high quality range of grain free dog food that doesn't just meet a dogs nutritional requirements the range is tailored to meet the needs of the many different breed sizes and life stages. From small breeds to large, puppies to seniors, the nutritional requirements vary. As dog owners themselves the Parkside team understood the difference and the need for good quality affordable dog food.



Beyond dog care and food, Parkside Pet Services run a variety of popular puppy training services from group classes to individual one-to-one puppy training lessons and training walks. If you have a new puppy then please enquire about availability. On going support and training are also available.

We have been serving these areas for the past 14 years: Weybridge, Chertsey, Addlestone, Shepperton, Twickenham and the surrounding areas. Please contact us if you do not see your area listed as we may still be able to help.

All services are fully insured and with professionally equipped vehicles, therefore providing the best possible care for your pets.


Co-founder, Puppy Trainer and Dog Lover


Co-founder Puppy Trainer and Animal Enthusiast

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