Just because these are treats, doesn't mean they have to be junk!


Our 80/20 range of treats come in poultry and fish flavours with high quality meat content and no grains. The 20% carbohydrates are made from sweet potato and all of the ingredients used in the recipes have all been responsibly sourced, and where possible sourced from the UK so you can have confidence that our 80/20 treats come with our environment in mind.


These treats are hypoallergenic and our advanced technological process allows us to incorporat freshly prepared ingredients at exceptionally high levels.

With gentle cooking the ingredients retain their nutritional value, so the nutrients are easily absorbed.


Not only are these treats healthy and nutritious they’re also highly palatable and contain only goodness on the inside!


These tasty morsels will have your pup eating out of your palm! 


As always, please remember to take into account any additional treats your pup has had when giving them their normal daily ration so you do not over over feed them. 

Every pet is different and feeding amounts should be adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament and activity level of the individual dog.


PFMA guidance suggests ‘Treats and snacks should not form more than 10% of the whole diet’s calorie content (meaning a 90% calorie contribution from complete pet food, and up to 10% from treats).

80% Meat Training Treats 500g

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