Training Lines for dogs and puppies


These Nylon Long Lines are pefect for training both inside and outside the house.

Long lines have many uses the most common use is to train your puppy or dog to come when called (recall work).

These lines also work great as house lines. House lines are great for redirecting a cheeky puppy and are handy when teaching door manners and basic training around the home. 


A long line is an essential aid for recall training which allows the dog to be released from its short lead, to run and play whilst still being under control. The dog appears to be set free allowing both the dog and its owner to train with confidence and in a safe way. It is an excellent tool for controlled socialisation of puppies and young dogs. 

The shorter lines are great for around the house as a 'house line' which can be used to train your dog. For example when teaching door etiquette the line can be used to make sure your dog or puppy is safe whilst learning to wait at an open door. 

The shorter lines are also very useful for lightweight dogs and puppies whilst out on a walk.

Created out of nylon with stainless steel quick release clasp the Long Line is available in five different sizes to suit your needs. 

Material: Nylon+Stainless Steel
Color: Black,Blue,Green,Red,Pink
Sizes Available: 1.5m/1.8m/3m/6m/10m
Item Width: 2.0cm

Training Lines