Designed for tough chewers to enjoy a natural selection of air dried dog treats.Unsure where to begin when it comes to natural dog treats?A little overwhelmed by the idea of natural air dried treats?This pick n mix selection is designed to give your dog a range of healthy and tasty tough natural air dried treats. The natural pick 'n' mix treat selection is filled with a range of natural treats for your dog to choose from. Items have been selected for tough chewers to enjoy giving them the chance to try new things.Due to the natural nature of these products shapes, sizes and colours will vary and the selection of treats will vary to offer your dog a chance to try a variety from the natural range. We are sure your dog will love the selection and although the items will vary the selection will be equal in value. From tough pizzle sticks and beef tails to lamb ears and tripe these are a great source of enrichment for your dog. You should always supervise your dog when feeding treats.Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Tough Chewer Pic n Mix