Is your dog or puppy destructive? 

Do they eat their food at the speed of light?! 

Or perhaps you are looking for a fun way to stimulate their mind... 

This fantastic interactive snuffle bowl is the perfect way to challenge your dog by engaging their nose and brain and eliminating boredom.


This mat can be used for training purposes as well as being a fun game. The snuffle mat will help alleviate your dogs boredom by stimulating their nose and brain to search for food hidden within the mat. This is also a great way to slow your dogs mealtimes down, scattering your dogs (dry) food on the mat spread it around within the ruffles and let your dog go to work sniffing out each piece.

The entire mat opens up to 48cm, the drawstring allows the mat to be quickly and easily packed away and stored. After use the mat can be washed in the machine to keep it clean and fresh.


Please note shipping time can take 11- 35 days

Material: Felt Cloth

Size (felt bowl area):30cm

Size (mat when open):48cm

Snuffle Activity Bowl Feeder

  • Please note shipping can currently take 11-35 days