This licking mat is a great way to enrich your dogs life. The licking mat can be used for a variety of reasons and different ways. The bumpy texture is designed in this way to provide a slower food dispersal and of food so acts perfectly as a boredom buster dog. By spreading their favourite soft treat or a little bit of wet food over its surface, you can create a fun and tasty game that will keep them licking and entertained for long periods of time.

You can even use it as a way to feed your dog or puppy their main meal as it will slow them down when they eat and make them use their brain to work out the best way to get every morsel. 



  • Perfect for thick sticky treats like JR Pet Products paté range of pure meat, small kibble or even a small amount of peanut butter or a dog paste.
  • Made from non-toxic food grade TPR
  • Works well as a slow feeder
  • Recommended by vets and animal behaviourists
  • Freezer safe
  • Easy to Clean by hand
  • Suitable for puppies, small and medium dogs (recommended that you supervise your dog until you are sure they will not chew the mat)


Licking Mat