3 Bird Roast Christmas Crackers


These cracking crackers (excuse the pun) are filled with all natural pure pate. Perfect for slicing, dicing, cubing into meals or as part of your dogs enrichment you can stuff the meat in Kongs, spread on licking mats, freeze into moulds (our favourite are paw shapes). So get your dog their own Christmas crackers, they will definitely thank you for it!


Each gift pack has 3 individual crackers with JR pet products Pure Pate:

  • Duck 80g
  • Chicken 80g
  • Turkey 80g

    100% Meat, these treats are perfect for any dog at Christmas!
Approximate Measurements;
Cracker Box
22.5 cm Long
15.5cm Wide
6.00cm Depth
Individual Crackers
22.0 cm Long
5.0 cm Wide
5.0 cm Depth


Code: 03BRCC
Barcode: 0715706351621

3 Bird Roast Christmas Crackers

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